Special Sessions

CAMAD 2012 - Call for Special Sessions

The CAMAD 2012 technical program will include special sessions. Their objective is to complement the regular program with new or emerging topics of particular interest gravitating on interdisciplinary research, including (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • Modelling and Simulation techniques for Integrated Communication Systems

  • Modelling, analysis and design of Network Services and Systems

  • Modelling analysis and design of Wireless, Mobile, Ad hoc and Sensor Networks

  • Cloud Computing and Network Communications modelling and design

  • Smart Grids Communications Modelling and Design

  • Design of Satellite Networks

  • Integration of Terrestrial and Satellite Networks

  • Seamless Integration of Wireless, Cellular and Broadcasting Networks with Internet

  • Body area networks and applications

  • Wireless over Fibre networks

  • Traffic Engineering and Analysis

  • Traffic Modelling

  • Positioning in communication systems"

  • Simulation techniques for large-scale Networks

  • Simulation and Fast Simulation Techniques for Communication Networks

  • Network Monitoring and Measurements

  • Network Optimization and Resource Provisioning

  • Next Generation Internet

  • Overlay and Virtual Networks

  • Autonomic Communication Systems and self-organized networks

  • Energy Efficient Network Techniques

  • Green Wireless Communications

  • Cognitive Radio: Communications, Networking, Architectures and Business Opportunities

  • Internet of Things

  • Machine-to-Machine communications

  • Cross-Layer & Cross-System Protocol Design

  • Quality of Experience: Framework, Evaluation and Challenges

  • Test beds and real life experimentation

  • Validation of Simulation Models with Measurements

  • Autonomous embedded architectures.

  • Bio-inspired techniques and meta-heuristics for signal processing and communications.

  • Social Networks

  • Future Service Oriented Internet

Prospective organizers of special sessions should submit proposals indicating:

  • Title of the session

  • Description of the event and relevance to the CAMAD 2012 workshop scope; motivation and rationale; scope and main topics to be covered; intended schedule, and; prior history of the proposed session (if applicable).

  • Short biography of the organizers

  • Intended audience

Each special session will consist of a minimum of 5 papers and a maximum of 8. The organizers' role is to attract the speakers and chair the session itself.

Interested contributors should forward their proposal form (containing at least the points indicated above) to the Special Sessions Chairs of CAMAD 2012 [Dr. Javier Del Ser, javier.delser@tecnalia.com, and Mr. Elias Tragos, etragos@ics.forth.gr] with the subject line “[CAMAD 2010] Special session (name of proposal)”.

Acceptance of the received proposals will be decided and notified in a continuous fashion (i.e. 1-2 working days after receiving the proposal).

No proposals will be accepted beyond April 1st, 2012.

Authors of papers included in successful proposals should submit a manuscript on or before May 1st, 2012. Manuscripts should conform to the formatting and electronic submission guidelines of regular CAMAD 2012 papers. They will undergo the same review process as regular papers by at least 3 independent reviewers.